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Advice for Selling a Business

Transworld handles everything from selling small businesses to handling very large strategic mergers and acquisitions.  Either way, selling a business is not easy. There are a lot of things to consider. How do you get buyers to compete so you can get the best sale value? What legal challenges await? What if your employees or customers find out? 

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What Qualifies A Business To Be An M&A Transaction?

Large Business Mergers and Acquisitions are not something most business brokers can do.  Transworld has specialists who work specifically with larger business mergers.  There are several situations that could make your company qualify for our M&A department:

  • Your company has earnings greater than one million dollars. When businesses grow to this size, they become targets for acquisition by industry players.
  • Your business is too large for an individual buyer to purchase or finance through conventional methods. Once your company is worth multi millions, a single individual usually will not purchase it (most multimillionaires do not wish to work).
  • Your company is in an industry that is currently being "rolled up". In some industries, strategic buyers that want to consolidate the marketplace will purchase even small businesses.
  • Your business is experiencing incredible growth. If your company is running out of capital because of growth, it may be a merger and acquisition target.
  • You want to grow your company and perhaps retain some equity. If that is the case, you will need M&A expertise.

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