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Selling Your Business? Let Transworld Guide You.

First of all, do you know what your business is worth?

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Navigating the sale of a business is complex, from ensuring you receive the best price, to addressing potential legal complications, to maintaining confidentiality. But with Transworld, selling—whether your business is large or small—becomes a smoother experience.

For over 40 years, Transworld has been a trusted name for business owners looking to sell. Our specialty is in helping sell both franchises and independent businesses.

Key Points to Consider When Selling with Transworld:

1. Comprehensive Guidance: From start to finish, we're by your side.

2. Free Appraisal: Determine your business's worth with our expert appraisal service.

3. Confidentiality Ensured: We prioritize discretion throughout the sale process.

4. Expert Advice: Benefit from our decades of experience in the industry.

5. Timeframe: On average, sales take about 8.5 months, but individual experiences may vary.


Contact us for free consultation

We provide confidential, professional advice for no charge.  For free consultation, just contact us and a professional Business Advisor will meet personally with you via video, telephone, or in-person conference to advise you how to sell your business.

From understanding the intricacies of stock transfers vs. asset business sales to deciphering broker fees and obtaining legal advice, we're here to demystify the selling process.

Our emphasis is on understanding each business's unique value, ensuring seller's discretionary earnings are appropriately accounted for.

For a dedicated and experienced partner in selling your business, reach out to Transworld. Call us today at (402) 213-9945 to schedule your free consultation.


If you're thinking of selling your business, you should check out the video below. For local service, call (402) 213-9945.

What We Do for You

You may be thinking:

  • I want to sell my business. 
  • How do I sell my business? 
  • Can I get Free advice how to Sell a business? (YES!)
  • Is there a podcast on How to sell my Business? (YES!)
  • Do I do a stock transfer or an asset business sale?  (FIND OUT NOW
  • How long does it take to sell a business? (Although we've done some in less than 90 days, the NATIONWIDE AVERAGE IS 8.5 MONTHS and some take more than a year!)
  • How do people appraise a business?  (FIND OUT NOW)
  • How much is my business worth?  (FIND OUT NOW)
  • Can I get a Free business appraisal? (CLICK HERE)
  • How can I plan now to sell my business later for top dollar?  (FIND OUT NOW)
  • How much does it cost to sell my business?  (FIND OUT NOW)
  • How can I Finance purchasing a business? (FIND OUT NOW)
  • How much are Business broker fees? (FIND OUT NOW)
  • How can I get free Legal Advice for Selling a Business? (FIND OUT NOW)
  • What is the typical Business broker commission?  (FIND OUT NOW)
  • Where can I get Forms for selling a business? (FIND OUT NOW)
  • How can I convert my business to a franchise? (CLICK HERE)
  • How do we determine business seller's discretionary earnings? (FIND OUT NOW)
  • How do we keep the sale confidential? (FIND OUT NOW)
  • Where can I find videos on how to sell a business? (FIND VIDEOS NOW)
  • How do we find a good business broker? (FIND OUT NOW)

We can answer all of your questions and more.  Please call (402) 213-9945 today for a free consultation.

For more than 40 years, Transworld has helped people sell, buy or develop franchises and independent businesses with in-person, confidential local service. If you want to sell your company, we value your business and promote it at no up-front cost. If you want to buy a company or franchise, we are a worldwide business brokerage firm to help you find the right opportunity. We also convert businesses into franchises and sell your real estate or find the right place to buy or lease for your business.

How to Sell Your Business in 12 Clear Steps

1. Preparation:

Ready to sell your business? Begin by organizing three essentials:

- Financial Records: Ensure the last three years of Profit & Loss statements, Balance Sheets, and Tax Returns are orderly.

- Management Structure: Document job descriptions and responsibilities of employees and owners. The transition should feel seamless to the new owner.

- Transition Plan: If you're involved in daily operations, plan how to gradually remove yourself. This makes the business more attractive to buyers.

2. Assemble Your Team:

For a successful sale, gather a proficient team comprising a transactional attorney, a financial advisor, and a business broker with a proven track record in selling businesses.

3. Gather Information:

With your team in place, the broker will require information to draft the marketing plan and set a business price. This includes past financial records, lease details, and an interview with you. Pricing a business demands expertise, which your broker should possess.

4. Marketing Strategy:

The broker's role includes connecting sellers and buyers. Common approaches include:

- Mass Marketing: Listing on major business-for-sale websites and others.

- Target Marketing: Directly contacting potential buyers interested in businesses like yours.

5. Screen Potential Buyers:

Buyers come from various channels, all of whom must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Brokers should also assess buyers' backgrounds, budgets, and purchase intentions.

6. Business Overview:

Once a buyer is qualified, they'll meet with the broker for a comprehensive overview of the business. Financial details are shared during the Due Diligence phase.

7. Business Tour:

If interested, a second meeting involving the seller occurs, potentially at the business location. This allows the buyer to get a deeper understanding and both parties to evaluate compatibility.

8. Making an Offer:

A buyer presents a written offer along with a deposit. The offer should detail the price, payment structure, transaction timeline, and any other key terms.

9. Due Diligence:

The buyer's phase of verification. They review all financial and legal documents to ensure accuracy. Depending on the business's size, this can last from a week to a month.

10. Pre-Closing Preparations:

This is a busy period involving tasks like lease transfers and, if required, securing financing. Your broker will guide you through these steps.

11. Closing the Deal:

Nowadays, most closings are virtual. Essential documents like the Bill of Sale and Lease Transfer are signed. Depending on the deal, other legal and financial documents may also be necessary.

12. Training & Transition:

Post-closing, a meeting informs employees of the ownership change. Training follows, ensuring the new owner and team understand their roles.

Selling a business is intricate. If you're considering it, reach out for a consultation.

What Qualifies A Business To Be An M&A Transaction?

Large Business Mergers and Acquisitions are not something most business brokers can do.  Transworld has specialists who work specifically with larger business mergers.  There are several situations that could make your company qualify for our M&A department:

  • Your company has earnings greater than one million dollars. When businesses grow to this size, they become targets for acquisition by industry players.
  • Your business is too large for an individual buyer to purchase or finance through conventional methods. Once your company is worth multi millions, a single individual usually will not purchase it (most multimillionaires do not wish to work).
  • Your company is in an industry that is currently being "rolled up". In some industries, strategic buyers that want to consolidate the marketplace will purchase even small businesses.
  • Your business is experiencing incredible growth. If your company is running out of capital because of growth, it may be a merger and acquisition target.
  • You want to grow your company and perhaps retain some equity. If that is the case, you will need M&A expertise.

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